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Tips to Take With You

1. If you have 2 training sessions per day or
your next training session is within 8
hours, recovery nutrition is crucial

2. If you do not have an appetite following
a training session, choose liquid foods
that meet your recovery goals

3. Along with carbohydrate, fluid, and
electrolytes, protein is an important part
of recovery, particularly if you participate
in high intensity training sessions that
damage muscle tissue (resistance training,
interval sessions, etc.)

Tips to Take With You

1. Experiment with foods and drinks in
practice and lower level competitions
to determine the best timing and your
tolerance for pre-exercise foods.

2. Practice! Figuring out what works best for

you will boost confidence in eating
before exercise.

3. Fuel muscles early with easily digestible carbohydrate-rich foods and beverages for training or competition later in the day.

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