1.   Earn team points in seven (7) varsity meets and invitational or place in the top five in the Conference meet or place in the Regional meet.

2.   Meet and obey all NCHSAA rules.

3.   Be in attendance for at least 80% 

4.   Complete the entire season.

5.   Do two (2) community service events in two areas.

a.   Track related events:

      Track concession stands

      Elementary field day

b.   Community events:

      School events

      Church events

      Middle school Events

      School club events and activities

      Other approved by coaches

6.   Coaches reserve the right to letter any individual whose conduct and attitudes contributes to the success of the team, regardless of the number of meets he or she has earned point in during the season.

7.   Coaches also reserve the right to withhold letters from individuals who display conduct and attitudes detrimental to the success of the team, regardless of meeting the above criteria.

8.   Managers need two years of service to letter.