Behavior – You are representing SAHS, your family and the track program…. There’s no need to go to into details.

Clothing – You should always have to clothing for hot and cold temperatures.  Today will be chilly so you need to make sure that you have some warm clothing to combat.  You should have: some type of long pants, sleeves, jacket, umbrella (block the sun, doesn’t drain your energy)

Listening for your event – You are responsible for getting to your event and being fully prepared to compete.  Once you hear 1st call for your event, you should be warming up and “checked in”.  Once you hear finally call, you can relax and wait until your event starts

Warm up – Always warm up before your event

Bring your money – We will be stopping at a place where you can choose McDonalds or Bojangles (Exit 135) after the meet is over.  How much money… that’s entirely up to you and your parents.

Snacks – You can bring your own snacks but only things that are healthy and productive.  Meals are for after competition.

Leaving early – You may leave early if your parent signs you out.

We’ll be back around 10pm.

Order of Events

All Field Events 1st…then

4x800m Relay

100/100 High Hurdles

100m Dash

4x200m Relay

1600m Run

4x100m Relay

400m Dash

300 Hurdles

800m Run

200m Dash

3200m Run

4x400m Relay