1. A good breakfast is a must!!!  Cereal, Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, are all good options.
  2. Have you packed everything you needed???  Use a checklist.
  3. Are spikes changed/ready to go-don’t add that stress on the finish line.
  4. Bring some good snacks, eat lightly about 2 hours before you actually will be racing.
  5. Warmups:
  • Should be done completely.With your teammates in your groups.  (We will have group leaders) Start about 30-40 minutes before race and try to be done with all except builds 10 minutes early.
  • Know where mile markers are, how long the course is, where you might try to make a move, check the wind, bad spots on course, mentally prepare for the race…
  • Don’t put your spikes on until you get to the line.
  • A water bottle at line would be a good idea; last sip and wet mouth down-especially on hot days.



Concentrate on the race—are you where you want to be at the different stage of the race?  Be ready to get out fast enough.   FOCUS!!

If it is a windy day, get behind someone and let them break the wind. 

If someone passes you try to go with them.

Beat one person at a time.  Concentrate on the runner right in front of you.  Stay with them.  Too many runners look at the runner way up in front and think they can’t get up there and usually fall further behind.  “BEAT THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU, THEN GO ON TO THE NEXT!”

If you get tired, look at your breathing first and get that under control.  Work on the exhale on 4th step method.  It gives you something to focus on and takes mind off hurting.  Also helps get a rhythm.  Next, look at what your arms and head are doing.  Is head/face relaxed and not going all over or scrunched up?  Are arms smooth, going straight ahead and off hips, not across body and flopping?  Again, this will help you get mind on something positive and result in better form/time/racing.

FINISH HARD!!!  Every time.  There is still gas in the tank.  Set a goal of catching so many people in the last 200 yards, or in the last half of the race.  Be sure you are not one of those being caught.

THINK POSITIVE!!!  Instead of I still have a mile to go, it should be I only have a mile to go.  The last half mile (girls-.4) is only 180 seconds…I can do that!   I already have a half mile done, all kinds of things.

This is not easy to do but it is what champions always do.

Little things done correctly all add up to being better runners and having great teams.  ALL OF US!!!!